At the easternmost edge of North Carolina, where the waters have claimed many a vessel, lies the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. This unique museum chronicles the experiences of mariners who braved and succumbed to the perilous waters off the North Carolina coast –famously known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic. It’s a solemn and […]

When you plan a great getaway to the Outer Banks and set your sights on Manteo, there’s a good chance you’ll be spending plenty of time on the shorelines and out on the waves. Adventure and fun are easy to find here, but so are amazing museums when you’re looking for additions to your itinerary […]

A trip to the Outer Banks is a chance for travelers to enjoy time on the sand, under the sun, and make the most of amazing views too. Whether you’re one for one-the-water adventures or a traveler with a taste for sensational seafood stops along the way, you’ll likely find that the Outer Banks is […]

Today, the Outer Banks is an oasis of fun for visitors looking to make the most of sand, sun, and surf. Beyond the appeal of the Outer Banks as a vacation destination, the area also hosts a rich history. Taking a look back at Outer Banks History. If you want to discover fun and exciting […]

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a long and treacherous coastline that has seen its fair share of pirate activity throughout history. From the infamous Blackbeard to lesser-known buccaneers, the history of pirates in the Outer Banks is full of adventure, danger, and excitement. History of Pirates in the OBX at Teach’s Hole The […]

It’s common for travelers to head to the Outer Banks in search of time on the sand, savoring seafood, and exploring lighthouses too. But for all of the beauty and fun available on land, the Outer Banks hosts an equally appealing world under the waves. Today, it’s estimated that more than 2,000 shipwrecks are located […]

Taking time out of a busy schedule to enjoy a well-deserved alongside the entire family is made that much more exciting for travelers who set their sights on the Outer Banks. Here, beaches, waves, amazing dining, and opportunities to explore museums and lighthouses alike abound. When you’re looking for a place that pairs the best […]

The North Carolina coast has a rich boating heritage that dates back to the origins of the first English settlement in the Outer Banks. The Roanoke Island Museum commemorates the extensive sailing history in the area, along with boat building viewing sessions and classic watercraft from the Tarheel State. If you want to discover more […]

The Outer Banks is full of natural beauty, beach activities, and history. Most visitors know the importance of the Wright Brothers’ first flight in Kitty Hawk, but Fort Raleigh Historic Site in Manteo, NC, is home to the founding history of the area. England attempted to settle its first colony in the Americas on Roanoke […]

While most visit the Outer Banks for the incredible beaches, great surfing, and outdoor activities, the area has a rich history that people seldom explore. You can experience the heritage of one North Carolina family at the Island Farm in Manteo. This historic site features tours and activities that let you immerse yourself in 19th-century […]