The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum 

05/01/2024 | by Emily Wells | Outer Banks Museums and Historic Sites

At the easternmost edge of North Carolina, where the waters have claimed many a vessel, lies the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. This unique museum chronicles the experiences of mariners who braved and succumbed to the perilous waters off the North Carolina coast –famously known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic. It’s a solemn and fascinating collection of maritime history. 

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Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum

A Journey Through Time 

With more than 2,000 shipwrecks off of the coast North Carolina, it’s fitting that the Outer Banks has been dubbed the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Dive into the lore of shipwrecks, heroic rescues, and pirate legends that are as much a part of this area as the sandy shores. Each artifact and display at the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum tell a story of bravery, tragedy, and the relentless power of nature. 

Your Visit to the Museum 

Explore the extensive collection that includes remnants of historic shipwrecks, Civil War artifacts, and exhibits on coastal culture. Engage with the past through guided tours that bring to life the stories of sailors, fishermen, and pirates who navigated these treacherous waters. Take a look at upcoming events and plan your visit for your favorite!

This museum is a little over an hour from Manteo, perfect for a day trip. Opening to the public on May 20, 2024, it will be open 10AM to 4PM Monday through Friday. The museum is a must-visit destination for history lovers and curious minds. Admission is free, and donations that directly support the museum operations are appreciated.

Rest Up with Pirate’s Cove

Beyond the intriguing artifacts and stories, the museum serves as a touching reminder of the Outer Banks’ past as well as its present. It offers a unique educational experience that resonates with all ages. So, when you set your course for the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum, allow Pirate’s Cove to host you in any of our nearby vacation rentals to rest after your long day of exploration.

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