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Learn about the Blackbeard by Visiting Blackbeard’s Museum

04/24/2023 | by Joseph Mitchell | Outer Banks Attractions and Activities Outer Banks Museums and Historic Sites

A trip to the Outer Banks is a chance for travelers to enjoy time on the sand, under the sun, and make the most of amazing views too. Whether you’re one for one-the-water adventures or a traveler with a taste for sensational seafood stops along the way, you’ll likely find that the Outer Banks is packed with opportunities for entertainment and fun that are sure to inspire! But beyond the modern-day marvels the Outer Banks offers up, it’s also a destination that’s packed with history. Some of that history relates back to pirate culture, giving those with a passion for pursuing the past a chance to dig into some truly mysterious and tantalizing tales during a stay. Adults and children alike often find the stories of pirates mesmerizing, and the Outer Banks brings those histories to life in a unique style. While many pirates made their way through the waters surrounding the Outer Banks long ago, one of the most notorious figures to sail the high seas was perhaps Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard. When travelers heading to the Outer Banks are excited to learn more about pirates in the past, Blackbeard’s Museum is a great place to start.

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Learn about the Blackbeard by Visiting Blackbeard’s Museum

While it’s been more than 300 years since Blackbeard met his fate, his story continues to be a point of intrigue for Outer Banks travelers of all ages. Whether the stories relate to sunken treasure, sunken pirate ships or mysterious visits to Outer Banks destinations, Blackbeard’s story is one that continues to captivate audiences across the map. A stop at Blackbeard’s Museum in the Outer Banks is a chance for visitors to dig into this pirate’s story and learn more about his sailing adventures as well as his infamous hideout on Ocracoke Island. This larger-than-life historical figure is highlighted at Blackbeard’s Museum through a collection of hands-on displays and exhibits hosting over 2,000 pirate-related artifacts in total. From swords and maps to bottles, books, and flags alike, pirate culture is well within reach at Blackbeard’s Museum.

During a visit to Blackbeard’s Museum, guests can get up close to a life-sized figure of Blackbeard himself which makes for a great photo opportunity. Guests are also invited to enjoy a documentary that covers the life and death of this famous pirate known worldwide. When you’re looking to commemorate your Blackbeard Museum visit, be sure to swing by the specialty shop before you head out. Here, you can find pirate-themed souvenirs of all types that make wonderful gifts or routes to remembering your exciting stop!

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