Visit These Outer Banks Museums

11/20/2023 | by Emily Wells | Outer Banks Art and Galleries Outer Banks Attractions and Activities Outer Banks Culture and Entertainment Outer Banks Museums and Historic Sites

When you plan a great getaway to the Outer Banks and set your sights on Manteo, there’s a good chance you’ll be spending plenty of time on the shorelines and out on the waves. Adventure and fun are easy to find here, but so are amazing museums when you’re looking for additions to your itinerary that are equal parts educational and engaging. The following Outer Banks museums are well worth a visit the next time you’re excited to spend quality time with family and friends in the Manteo area.

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Visit the Pea Island Cookhouse Museum

Located at 622 Sir Walter Raleigh Street in Manteo, the Pea Island Cookhouse Museum is a must-visit for those who are looking to learn more about Manteo’s African American heritage. Within the walls of this inviting museum, visitors will find African American heritage meticulously preserved through interpretive displays, art, and exhibits. Even the road leading up to the museum speaks to this rich history with a life-sized bronze statue in place of Richard Etheridge. This work of art honors the first African American United States Life-Saving Service Keeper at Pea Island Station. Within the museum, guests will learn more about the men who served under the command of Etheridge who was born into slavery on Roanoke Island, served as a sergeant in the Civil War, and eventually was put in charge of the U.S. Life-Saving Service Station at Pea Island between 1880 and May 1900. His military background gave him the skillset and focus to perform many lifesaving missions during his time at Pea Island Station including the rescue of the E.S. Newman in October of 1896. The museum is a treasure trove of artifacts speaking to the many accomplishments of Etheridge and his men as well as artifacts from onboard the vessels he helped save. There’s a video on-site to help sum up your museum experience and tours are available upon request as well.

Explore the Roanoke Heritage Art Galleries & Military Museum

When you’re looking for a smaller, yet equally impressive museum to explore during your Manteo stay, the Roanoke Heritage Art Galleries & Military Museum is it. Located at 543 Ananias Dare Street, this quaint museum is small, but bursting with valuable military memorabilia and artistic creations. You’ll find the museum behind a home across the highway from downtown Manteo and inside, you’ll find a collection of Civil War artifacts that have all been collected from Roanoke Island. Native American and Korean War memorabilia are also on display alongside World Wars I and II artifacts and antique decoys. It’s a good idea to call before you drop by the museum to make sure they’re open by reaching out to 252-473-2632.

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