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Here’s the Best Time to Visit Manteo

10/26/2023 | by Emily Wells | Outer Banks Travel Tips

When travelers are longing for time away from the daily routine and opportunities to focus on refreshing fun instead for a while, there’s no better place to set their travel sights than the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Here, there’s plenty of sun and sand to go around and if you’re looking for amazing seafood stops, you’ll find them here in abundance too. Rich in history and brimming over with incredible scenery and wildlife, the Outer Banks is truly a destination with something for everyone to enjoy. Wondering when the best time of year to visit might be to maximize the fun? There are a few inviting seasons to consider that are sure to inspire a stay that fits your style! 

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Make it a Summer Getaway to Remember

Summer is considered the peak travel season in the Outer Banks with good reason. This time of year, the weather is warm and inviting and the beaches are bustling with excited travelers looking to make the most of fun on the sand and in the surf. Getting out on a boat and enjoying summer fishing is an amazing way to spend a summer day on the Outer Banks while you can’t go wrong with renting a bike and hitting the beach and nature trails at your own preferred pace. While you’re free to customize your summer itinerary as you’d like, there are some fun seasonal events to check out as well. The open-air show titled The Lost Colony is performed May through August on Roanoke Island while the Annual Wright Kite Festival comes to town in July. If you’re looking for fantastic flavors, make sure to enjoy the OBX Watermelon Festival in August while the Outer Banks Pirate Festival in the same month adds some whimsical and historical fun to your visit. 

A Fantastic Fall Adventure Awaits

When you’re looking for milder temperatures, fewer crowds to contend with but just as much in the way of fun, make your Outer Banks journey a fall-focused adventure. This time of year, temperatures move between the mid-60s and the upper 80s keeping things comfortable for outdoor excursions as long as you have layers. The OBX Triathlon is on in September and if you find yourself in Duck in October, you’ll be right on time to make the most of the Duck Jazz Festival. The Outer Banks Seafood Festival in October is another great opportunity for travelers! 

Enjoy a Winter Visit to the Outer Banks

Travelers who value the opportunity to soak up the scenery in a quiet and tranquil setting will love every moment spent in the Outer Banks in the wintertime. Between the months of December and February, the Outer Banks enjoys few crowds and plenty of scenic views to savor. Temperatures range from the 30s to the 40s this time of year so winterwear will be necessary, but the weather isn’t so cold that you can’t enjoy a leisurely stroll on the shoreline. Some restaurants and shops stay open year-round here so there are still opportunities to make the most of flavor and retail therapy, too. Winter visits also come with the advantage of being in the right place when the Wright Brothers First Flight Celebration happens in mid-December.  

Spend Spring in the Outer Banks

When it comes to ideal travel conditions, the Outer Banks in spring has it covered. Between March and May, temperatures are on the rise giving visitors every reason to get out and enjoy the landscape as it comes back into life and bloom. Spring also marks the arrival of many fun area festivals and events including the Annual Duck & Wine Festival in April and the Flying Pirate Half Marathon in the same month.  

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