Corporate Retreat 

09/28/2023 | by Emily Wells | Outer Banks Travel Tips

Companies looking to grow and thrive in a competitive marketplace realize the importance of creating a supportive and inviting work culture. A great way to gather employees and professional teams together to share ideas, bond, and create lasting relationships is to plan a corporate retreat. When it’s time to organize an event of this type that helps employees connect with shared professional values and each other, picking the right destination and accommodations can make all the difference. That’s where the team at Pirate’s Cove Realty comes in. Our corporate retreat rentals in the Outer Banks offer organizations and companies a captivating destination to enjoy during a corporate retreat as well as impeccable housing options that elevate the experience in comfort, quality, luxury, and style too.

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Area Activities for Team Building

Both Pirate’s Cove Marina and the greater Manteo area offer those participating in a corporate retreat easy access to team building fun at just about every turn. Consider how refreshing it could be for your group to rent a boat and enjoy a day on the water exchanging ideas and making amazing memories, too. A fishing charter experience as a group could also be just the ticket to getting everyone onboard literally and figuratively with company goals in a way that’s innovative and fun. Manteo also hosts a collection of great restaurants and shops for corporate retreat participants to enjoy together. If you partner with OBX Treasure Hunt, you can incorporate a team scavenger hunt into your Manteo stay where text-received clues send your team throughout the city to explore new destinations and foster a sense of dedicated teamwork along the way. From kayaking and boating to biking, and exploring, Manteo is a place where it’s a breeze to customize your corporate getaway according to preference.

Amazing Accommodations for a Corporate Retreat

Booking a corporate retreat property through Pirate’s Cove Realty means that everyone participating in your corporate retreat will enjoy quiet, and secluded accommodations where they can focus in, relax, and really relish the moment. Pirate’s Cove Resort accommodations offer up a gated and friendly place to land with property options that are spacious, bright, and come with inspiring views too. Whether you’re looking for a collection of condos to rent or a sprawling home, we have what you’re looking for and more. Many of these properties also come with easy access to on-site pools and tennis courts as well as tiki bars and restaurants for corporate groups to enjoy. If your corporate event includes the company of canine companions, our pet-friendly stays make it easier than ever for everyone to enjoy the journey. Those groups that want to balance time inside with time outdoors will love that our corporate retreat rentals are always well within reach of the beach as well as historic stops that can be used to bring everyone together in the name of educational fun and entertainment.

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