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Outer Banks Speedway Is a Must Visit Attraction

04/19/2023 | by Joseph Mitchell | Outer Banks Attractions and Activities Outer Banks Events Outer Banks Outdoor Recreation

Packing a suitcase and heading to the Outer Banks is something many travelers do in the name of well-deserved rest, relaxation, and restoration. Here, the scenery is inviting and the coastal ambiance makes it simple for visitors to find their vacation state of mind with ease. Whether you’re one for time on the sand or time on the waves, the chances are good that you’ll find something inspiring waiting for you in the Outer Banks. That said, it’s also a destination where those with a passion for adrenaline-pumping fun can find their fill as well. Especially when you add a stop at the Outer Banks Speedway to your upcoming itinerary! If you’re someone who finds their thrills on the tracks when the competition is high and the odds are stacked in your favor, finding time to enjoy the Outer Banks Speedway the next time you’re in town is a must! 

Outer Banks Speedway Is a Must Visit Attraction

The Outer Banks Speedway is found at 426 Benson Road in Creswell, North Carolina. It’s a place designed to appeal to those with a need for speed and is conveniently located within a few miles west of Columbia. Upon arrival, visitors will find the Outer Banks Speedway hosts a two-land set up complete with a racing surface that’s 50 feet wide. Local and visiting racers alike come to put their skills to the test on this 1/8-mile track. In total, the Outer Banks Speedway facility spans 62 acres and is large enough to accommodate 10,000 spectators at a time. No to mention the 600 race cars that can easily roll within its parameters. Parking is made simple at the Outer Banks speedway thanks to a lot that’s built for 3,500 vehicles at a time. Whether spectators and racers come for one-off races or fan-favorite annual events, they’ll find it’s a place that comes with plenty of reasons to return time and again.  

At the Outer Banks Speedway, you’ll find an IHRA-sanctioned track that welcomes Pro Stocks, ET Brackets, Pro Mod, and more. A visit here is a chance to take in a drag race, bike racing, and stock car competitions just to name a few of many. The track is open throughout the spring, summer, and fall with monthly races are hosted consistently between March and October. There are also open races available to be enjoyed at the Outer Banks Speedway for amateur car and bike racers who are looking to up their game. There’s typically a sign-up fee involved in these events, but the opportunity gives newcomers a chance to integrate into a well-known local circuit.  

Upcoming Events 

Open racing kicks off in April with May welcoming the “All Out War” event to the Outer Banks Speedway. May is also the month to see “252 Boyz Put Up or Shut Up” at the track while June has the Braxton 252 List race on the calendar. Don’t miss out on The Purge 2 Grudge race on June 24th with great open racing options in July as well.  

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